Cessna 172 / 175 Tail wheel Conversions STC SA02376AK

Cessna 175 Tail 31" Bushwheels


Cessna 175 29" Bushwheels


All STC approved for Tundra Tires

Cessna 175 Airglas 3000 Skis


Airglas 3000 Model Skis

New Cessna Parts


All new Cessna and P-Ponk parts and P-Ponk beef up kit 

Stronger interior floor


New interior floor .050

Tail Section with shear web


New Cessna Tail Spring Bracket

Stoots Aviation Tail wheel Conversions STC SA02376AK


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          Cessna 172 Models 172, 172A, 172B, 172C      Cessna 175 Models 175, 175A, 175B, 175C

All parts are New Cessna 180 gear box with newly refurbished Cessna 180 Gear Legs. New Cessna L19/170 Tail Wheel Bracket and Leaf Springs. New Scott 3200 series tail wheel assembly. P-Ponk gear box parts and the reinforcement kit approved and BAS pull handle for ground handling all included in kit. Your main wheels and brakes and axles reinstalled on new refurbished  main landing gear.

                        Tundra Tires Approved / Skis Approved / Floats Approved