STC SA02282AK for the installation of the IO-360M1B 180hp & IO-360A1A 200hp Lycoming Engines on Cessna 170, 172, 175 model Aircraft. 

STC Kit Parts Includes:

Installation Instruction Manual, Drawings and Photos, Parts List, Continued Airworthiness Manual, 

Parts: Engine Mount, Exhaust  System, Induction System, Air Box, Cowl Mods, Baffling, 40 Amp  Alternator, Oil Cooler, Oil Hoses, Fuel Hoses, Boost Fuel Pump, Control  Cables, EGT/CHT Instruments, Tachometer, Manifold/Fuel Flow Instrument,  Oil Temp Gauge, Scat Tubing, AN Hardware, Wiring, Switches, Breakers.  Note: Cowling Mods for C-170/172 Include New Nose Bowl and side Cylinder  Bubbles. 

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STC SA02282AK Lycoming Engine IO-360M1B 180hp

Lycoming IO-360M1B with Superior cold air Sump


STC  SA02282AK IO-360M1B installed on 1952 Cessna 170B

Lycoming IO-360M1B with Superior Cold Air Sump Right Side


STC SA02282AK IO-360M1B installed on 1954 Cessna 170B

Lycoming IO-360M1B with Superior Cold Air Sump Left Side


STC SA02282AK IO-360M1B Left side

Factory New Lycoming IO-360M1B


STC SA02282AK   Lycoming 180 hp

Lycoming IO-390A3A6 210HP Cessna 175 Series


Lycoming O-360A1A 180 HP Cessna 170 STC SA02106AK Cessna 172 SA792WE



 Approved!! SA02282AK New installation of the IO-360M1A, B 180hp Lycoming engine on the Cessna 170A, B and C-172, A thru H models with the New Superior Cold Air Induction Sump and Hartzell Carbon Fiber Trail Blazer Props. Flight test have shown some great numbers. Take off at Gross Weight 2200 lbs is under 5 seconds, Less than 500 ft. Climb out at GW is over 1200 fpm. Cruise speed at GW @ 6000 ft msl 24" manifold and 2400 RPM 150 mph plus and burning 8.5 gph.              
STC Kit Parts Package Available Now!

I use the IO-360M1A & B 180hp Lycoming engine. It uses the same sump as the 200hp model but has the lighter parallel cylinders but still is 360 cu in. The M1B puts out close to 190 hp because of the cold air induction sump and is 30lbs lighter than the IO-360A1A 200hp. The M1B is a new certified engine from Lycoming in 2002 and comes under new FAA rules that state that the engine has to put out 5% greater hp than published so it can maintain the rated hp thru it’s 2000 hr TBO. So it’s published hp is 180 but on the dyno it shows about 190hp

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