New Continental Aerospace Technologies Prime IO-370 195hp engine is being STCd for the Cessna 170,A,B 172, A thru S, 175, A, B, C models. The IO-370 has a counter weighted stroked crankshaft with 9.6 to 1 ratio pistons and roller camshaft for the highest smoothest power to weight ratio for any four cylinder aircraft engine on the market today. The Prime engine has FAA Type Certification now with it's new owner company Continental Aerospace Technologies. Stoots Aviation has the FAA STC process under way now with flight testing and Hartzell Trail Blazer propeller flight testing completed. STC packages will soon be available for the IO-370 engine and taking orders for STC conversions.

This New Prime IO-370 engine is 21st Century Performance and Economy. New 21st Century Hartzell Composite Carbon Fiber Trail Blazer propellers. The Prime engine is the same size and weight as the 360 series Lycoming engines.   Pictures below are of a Cessna 170B with the 83" Hartzell Trail Blazer Prop. Next installations will be on a 1967 172H and 2011 Cessna 172S, just what the Doctor Ordered for these airplanes. 


                        Call for performance numbers and pricing  Check out the performance on youtube   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53SkDHyVrc

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Stoots Aviation IO-370 Engine Conversion

Cessna 170B IO-370 Big Red


                 Take Off  Performance:                                             2019 Talkeetna Alaska  Fly-In  220ft at GW 2200  

IO-370 195 HP Prime Engine


    New Continental Aerospace Technologies

      IO-370CLC1U8 195 HP Prime Engine            9.6 to 1 Pistons, Stroked and Counter Weighted Crankshaft, Roller Camshaft, Piston Oil nozzles, Cold Air Induction Sump

Cessna 170B IO-370 Big Red


                    Take Off Performance:                                  2019 Valdez Fly-In 88 ft

Cessna 175 Series


STC Pending

Cessna 172S


IO-370CF1 Cessna 172S Model

Cessna 170 Series


STC Pending