Stoots Aviation was established in 1979 in Fairbanks, Alaska. STC's for High Performance Lycoming Engine Conversions,  
              Hartzell Propeller Installations, Tail Wheel Conversions on Cessna Models  170, 172 and 175 Airframes.
                Best Way to Contact us is Email or  907-474-4039 Hangar  907-251-0046 Cell

Hartzell Propeller STC

STC SA02155AK for the installation of the Hartzell 80", 82", 84" propellers for Lycoming O-360, IO-360, IO-390 engines.

Now Trail Blazer Props STC approved on Cessna models 170,172,175 with O-360A1A FAA approved engine conversions.

82" and 84" propellers require counterweighted crankshaft engines.

Can use your spinner to reduce cost of installation.
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