Stoots Aviation was established in 1979 in Fairbanks, Alaska. STC's for High Performance Lycoming Engine Conversions,  
              Hartzell Propeller Installations, Tail Wheel Conversions on Cessna Models  170, 172 and 175 Airframes.
                Best Way to Contact us is Email or  907-474-4039 Hangar  907-251-0046 Cell

                                               New FAA/STC Revision Approval for STC SA02282AK and SA02343AK for Installation of the New Hartzell Tail Blazer Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers  
                                                                Additional Cessna 172 Models added. Cessna models B thru H now STC approved for the Fuel Injected IO-360 180hp engine.  
                                                                                               Also FAA Approval on Installation of Superior Cold Air Induction Sump System.


STC SA02282AK for the installation of the IO-360M1B 180hp & IO-360A1A 200hp Lycoming Engines on Cessna 170, 172, 175 model Aircraft. 

                                    STC Kit Parts Includes:

Installation Instruction Manual, Drawings and Photos, Parts List, Continued Airworthiness Manual, 

Parts: Engine Mount, Exhaust System, Induction System, Air Box, Cowl Mods, Baffling, 40 Amp Alternator, Oil Cooler, Oil Hoses, Fuel Hoses, Boost Fuel Pump, Control Cables, EGT/CHT Instruments, Tachometer, Manifold/Fuel Flow Instrument, Oil Temp Gauge, Scat Tubing, AN Hardware, Wiring, Switches, Breakers. Note: Cowling Mods for C-170/172 Include New Nose Bowl and side Cylinder Bubbles.

STC SA02282AK  & SA02343AK are FAA approved for Floats!

Hartzell Constant Speed Propellers from 74" to 84"

Hartzell Trail Blazer Composite Carbon Fiber 80" to 83"

Fuel Injection for better Power &  Economy 9 gph @ 65%  power

Cold Air Induction System for Increased HP

No Carb ICE! - No Fuel Header Tank - Smooth Running - No Hard Starts

                                    Higher TBO of  2000 hrs

STC SA02343AK FAA Approved for the New IO-390A3A6 210 hp Lycoming

                        Cessna 175 IO-390A3A6  210 HP Lycoming

                       Cessna 170B  IO-360M1B 180 HP Lycoming

             Cessna 175 TD  IO-390A3B6 210 HP
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